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13-03-10 12:48
Tumenta F. Kennedy Senior Adviser - Global Ethics and Research

Tumenta F. Kennedy has been appointed as a Senior Adviser - Global Ethics and Research at the over 2...


11-10-08 01:11
Madagascar Diaspora Dialogue Forum in Germany

The Wittenberg Center for Global Ethics, the Madagascar Embassy in Berlin, Germany in collaboration ...

20-07-08 00:50
Summer School - Ethics in Global Leadership

The summer school aims at giving young leaders the opportunity to deliberate on the challenges and o...


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We should continuously create platforms, develop innovative concepts as well as ideas that enable mankind to live a life of dignity, peace, justice and prosperity, while at the same time cherish and respect the value of diversity in the world.

I hope that you will enjoy going through my personal web site and get some inflects for reflections, develop insights, friendships, and find opportunities of cooperation so that the objectives of this summit can be realized. Read more...


Global fairness, trust, diversity and change management are fundamental instruments for sustainability in business, politics and civil society. They have become indispensable for mutual co-existence in the 21st century and require a great deal of continuous investment and adaptation in its designs as well as implementation.

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Elite Power Africa

Congress, Academy of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, Berlin, October 14, 2008. How far do members of the elite make an effort to apply their power so that it brings about development and benefits the common good? Politicians, journalists and business people discuss the issues.